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It is Flower Basket Time!

Offer Valid: 03/24/2021 - 04/30/2021
Bringing beauty to Downtown Sequim
Each year Emily Westcott coordinates a collaborative effort to beautify our Downtown with the most outrageously happy flower baskets. Donations are collected from local businesses and organizations, and the Agriculture program at Sequim High School builds and tends the plants. City staff hang the baskets around June 1st, and water them through the year. It is a fantastic example of teamwork and community - and we are grateful for all the support!

Excess funds are rolled over into Christmas Light decorations - which are also a collaboration between community volunteers, City Staff and local businesses.

If you have donated in the past you will be invoiced, if you would like to join the program contact Emily at (360) 670-6294

Chamber Staff administers the financial organization of this project - if you have questions about billing contact Melanie Sands at or 
(360) 683-6197


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